About us.

My name is Ismael and I am the person behind Bullplanetfit. I'm going to tell you a little about the story behind here.

It was the year 2015 and I was engaged in another work activity that had nothing to do with leather work, although it did with crafts. I was dedicated to making stucco in the houses of wealthy people in Madrid, a very attractive and high-quality millenary trade.

Around that time I met a girl with a hippy touch who had a very original gift shop and, for reasons related to falling in love, I began to investigate how to make wallets, bracelets and similar items made of leather. Things that happen..

For this reason I set out to acquire the tools and knowledge of how to work leather, the truth is that the wallets and bracelets were not very successful.

The love story is over. But the art of working with leather really caught my attention because of its history, quality and the finishes that could be achieved. So I started a more thorough investigation.

In 2017 I suffered a motorcycle accident that kept me off work for a year and caused me a complicated knee injury. From the beginning, the doctors told me that it would not be very advisable to continue with the job that I had been doing to date, since it had an important physical component and that my knee was going to deteriorate quickly.

I had to do a reset in my life. During that year of sick leave, I decided that leather, until now a hobby, would become a way of earning a living. He had a long career ahead of him.

I started selling my first custom leather goods. They were personalized dog collars, this time they were accepted by the public. So I decided to create a website to expose my work. More work ahead...

After some time and with more skill in my new trade, a boy who saw what he was doing and suggested that I make him a personalized gym belt. I did not hesitate, I investigated how I could do it and I did it to him. He was quite satisfied with the purchase.

I charged a nominal price for that belt, considering the work it took me. But the idea was to expand the catalog of leather products to put on sale. So I took the relevant photos to post them on networks and so on and wait for the public's reaction. It didn't take long to wait, then came the second, the third... When you work hard, the results come.

After a while and a lot of work, now I publish this website where I make available to whoever wants, the fruit of all these years of hard dedication to offer a high quality article with a very specific value proposition, to be able to personalize your belt. gym to your liking.