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Pedido personalizado

Pedido personalizado

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Hola, te paso el enlace para que realices el pago de tu pedido personalizado.


We use to make our belts leather from the part that is located on the neck of the cow. It has excellent quality due to its compact fibers.

The inner part is lined with leather, which allows easy cleaning and prevents sweat from accumulating with the consequent appearance of bad odours.


The delivery time is between 7 and 30 days depending on the volume of work at the time. Ask us without obligation.


Select from the options shown your waist measurement in centimeters. The measure that you provide us is indicative, we give you plenty of margins in case you gain weight or lose weight.


Ask us for a sketch so you can see how your belt will look. If you want to make any changes, now is the time. The most practical thing is that you do it by Whatsapp. Click on the icon you have on the screen and it directs you to a chat with us.

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